Patchwork - The Band

Vocals: Gemma Dorsett

Gemma has spent the past 15 years developing her voice across rock, blues and soul finding influence in gut-punching artists such as Melissa Etheridge and Joe Cocker. Gemma currently leads blues/rock band Eleven:11, who play the music of Joe Bonamassa, Etta James, King King, Susan Tedeschi and more.

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Vocals: Rory Barnett

Rory speaks by day and sings by night. A professional voiceover artist, he’s worked on TV and radio commercials, corporate videos, animations and even pretended to be Ringo Starr on a telephone call! He can speak French, which comes in handy, when the band perform French songs. They’ve also done some Italian numbers … but Rory doesn’t speak Italian.

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Keyboards: Marc Harris.

Marc has played keyboards for longer than he cares to remember. He is a working session musician, most recently playing on the UK albulm launch of the Long Road Home by Danny Worsnop. He most enjoys "Rocking Blues" and Funk, though also plays Heavy Rock (think Deep Purple).  Other bands he also plays with  include Bill and the Blues Kings, the Ed Hudson Band, Undiminished, Grooveline, and the Liz Owen band.  


Trumpet: Nick Steele

Nick started trumpet aged seven, but has has several breaks (many due to excessive number of children). Previously played with Kew Wind Orchestra and other amateur big bands and orchestras. Patchwork is his first foray into funk, and he says there's no going back.


 Drums: Patrick Zahara

Patrick started playing the drums aged 4 when he lived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. An early influence was the Papua New Guinean soul/funk outfit ‘Sanguma’.  Whilst at school he played in ‘Man About a Dog’, which was well known in the local area with audiences sometimes exceeding 20 people.  He is now passionate about playing the intricate funk and soul classics that we are becoming known for

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Bass GuitarRob Oatley

Rob started out playing the bass guitar after being inspired by his endless listening of the Red Hot Chili Peppers album ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ and consequently every song he plays has a bassline in it somewhere stolen from the great Flea. Generally found jamming something we are not actually playing or performing, Rob generally struggles with counting bars and never makes any notes so has to ask what key we are playing in before every song.   



Lead Guitar: Dom Liversedge

Doms first experience of the guitar was with a flamenco band in the early 80s, when aged just 8. He failed entrance to the Fender school of rock at 17, moving on to experiment with the way of the wah wah, finally passing audition to Patchwork in 2014.


Sax: Roger Chetwode

Roger's foray into Tenor Saxophone started only 10 years ago, but his musical journey began when he was 4 years old. With keyboards being his primary instrument, he worked with many bands in the late 80's and early 90's, occasionally performing on the odd TV/Radio 'jingle'. He now plays in the Salisbury area with Pop/Rock outfit The Lawbreakers and 80's covers band Total Recall. Playing in the horn section of a Funk/Blues outfit he says is 'the best gig in town'!


Sax: Charlie Somers

is no stranger to the south London music scene having played his first gig at the star and garter pub in Putney in the early 90s. He took up saxophone at the age of ten, developing a love of jazz, funk and soul music which was nurtured in a variety of bands through school and university and has stayed with him ever since.

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Sax: Ed Butterworth

Ed is a world-class enthusiast ... which helps a lot when playing his sax.  He started aged 13 playing in Big Bands, Soul and Funk.  Inspired by the tones of Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins, Ed convinced his teachers to let him do Music A level so he could play his sax during school lessons… genius.

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Fans: Many ...

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 Gigs: Many ...

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